Chronograph And Tachymeter = Race Watch

Race Chronograph watch

Hey Everyone. This Is A Short Post About Race Watches. Now I Have Already Talked About Race Watches In My Post About Different Watches For Different Needs Part 2. So This Is More Of Some Of My Favorite Brands That Makes Race Watches.

First of all, What makes it a race watch? basically it needs to have a Chronograph and a tachymeter. This is primarily used for measuring speed. Very often you can see the design is inspired by cars, like the in the face can look like a dashboard of a car with the chronograph, or it can have racing stripes, or the band can look like tires and so on.

Tissot T-race

Race Chronograph watch


Tissot Has a collection of race watches called T-race.

If you don’t know about Tissot, they are a Swiss company that was founded all the way back in 1853 in the city of Le Locle. They have a great reputation for making quality.

There are 24 watches in this collection and you can choose between quartz and automatic movements.

The one in the picture is a quartz, made of stainless steel, the case diameter is 45 millimeter and the case thickness is 12 millimeter

It cost $389. The rest of the collection is priced between $400 to $1300

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce Chrono.

Race Chronograph watch

Victorinox is another company that usually makes good quality watches and they also have a collection of race watches called Fieldforce. In that collection you have Fieldforce Sport Chrono and Fieldforce Chrono. All the watches in this collection have quartz movements. According to Victorinox’s page, the Sport Chrono is not available at any retailer. I did find it at eBay where the price varied between $300 to $600. The Fieldforce Chrono is available on Amazon and the price is around $400-$500.

The one I linked in the picture above costs $495 on amazon at this moment. It is made of stainless steel with a Quartz movement. The case diameter is 42 millimeters case thickness is 9.9 millimeters.

Rolex Daytona.

Race Chronograph watch

Rolex was the first to make a race watch, and it is called Daytona. They named it Daytona after Daytona Beach, Florida in the US where a racing driver broke 4 land speed records while wearing a Rolex, The first Daytona came in 1963.

This being a Rolex and watch rich in history the price is very high, The cheapest Daytona I have found was around $15000 and up to $70000, of course, the old ones that are still out there can cost a lot more. I read about one of the watches from the first collection sold at an auction for $17.8million after a celebrity had owned it.

This one in the picture costs $67990 on amazon and is made from Platinum Oyster, it has a Swiss automatic movement and the case diameter is 40millimeter.


Race Chronograph watch

Yes, Ferrari makes watches to. I thought I would also mention this just because they have a lot of different and cool designs. But I believe this goes under the designer category and I would never buy a designer watch because most of the time they are all cheaply made watches of poor quality and the price can be high, all you are paying for is basically the logo on it.

The one I have linked above here is made from stainless steel and has a quartz movement, the case diameter is 44 millimeter and the case thickness is 13 millimeters and it cost $171 on Amazon.

There are a lot of cool details in the design here like the band looks like tires and the chronograph looks like a dashboard in a car. Ferrari have a lot of different designs and I do think they look very good, I can not say the quality is good though.


Here you have seen 3 great watch brands with a race watch collection and Ferrari that just looks good. Remember even the brands that are known to make great quality can have a few bad eggs in their stock so always read the comments from other costumers before buying, chances are you will be as happy as the majority of them.

Please leave a comment if you want, I will always answer all questions. Have a nice day.

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