Divers watches

Divers watches for men, lets do some reviews!

If you are looking for a good quality and cool-looking diver watch, but you can’t afford a Rolex, what should you get? There are a few options out there, that you can get. I will review some of my favorite Divers Watches here. (All pictures are links, and all links will take you to Amazon.com)

What is a dive watch?

You can usually see what a dive watch is by the bezel. The Bezel, is a ring with minute markings on, that you can turn. It is usually marked 0-10-20etc in big number so its easier to see underwater. A diver watch should be waterproof, and have big numbers or minute marks, so it is easier to see underwater. Many dive watches today of the cheaper kind don’t really function like a dive watch, it just looks like one. It is one of the most popular styles of watches out there, so you don’t need to dive to use a dive watch.

Some of them can look very fancy, so fancy you can easily use them with a business suit, And some are much more casual looking, so you can find one that matches your personal style.

Seiko Men’s SKX175 Stainless Steel Automatic Dive Watch

Divers watches

This is a Seiko Swiss automatic dive watch. Seiko has gotten a great reputation for making quality watches.

I do love the color on this, it can be used with many different bands, if you would like to change that out. The crown is at the 4 o’clock mark so it does not dig into your wrist, this makes it feel more comfortable to wear. It is water-resistant to 200meters or 660feet. This watch feels solid and well put together, but the band, not so much, it feels very cheap. The bezel turns easy and clicks perfectly into place. And it is easy to see the day/date window. This watch is perfect for everyday use and can go with almost every level of formality.

I do like to look at comments from other people that bought this watch, And there are a few bad ones, and a lot more good ones, I believe the ones that left a bad comment was just unlucky, and one guy even got a model that was used and made in 1996. But that was the store’s fault, and they do give you a refund if you are not happy.

Watch Information

The case diameter is 41 millimeters and the case thickness is 13 millimeters, it is made from stainless steel. and it is a 2013 model.

NEYMAR 44mm Men’s 1000m Diver Japanese Automatic Sport Stainless Steel Watch

Divers watches

This is a Neymar Japanese automatic dive watch. And it is beautiful, and you can choose between 7 different colors.

1 Green face, black bezel, silver band.

2 Black face, black bezel, black band.

3 Black face, black bezel, silver band.

4 Black/gold face, black/gold bezel, silver/gold band.

5 Black/rose gold face, black/rose gold bezel, silver/rose gold band.

6 Blue/gold face, black/gold bezel, silver/gold band.

7 Blue face, black bezel, silver band. (this is the one in the picture)

Shenzhen Bo Lin watch company is a company in china and they have for many years manufactured watches for many different brands, in 1995 they decided to make their own brand, Neymar. And they have proven to be very good quality overall.

This was is a little big but it fits nicely on the wrist, and it is pretty heavy. It feels very well put together and has a water-resistance to 1000 meters or 3300 feet. It has a pretty good lume so you can see it in the dark.

Most comments from other costumers say it is a great buy for the price, and most of them are very happy with it. The few bad comments were about someone with bad luck, and if you try to contact the company to get it fixed or something, they are not very helpful. And a diver that used it a lot to dive said it started to take in water after 2 weeks, and we can not trust 1000 meters as advertised. If you don’t dive, then this is no problem. But if you are unlucky, Amazon has a 2-year warranty. Chances are that you will be just as happy as the majority of costumers.

Watch Information

The case diameter is 44 millimeter and the case thickness is 16,5 millimeters, it is made from stainless steel. it is a 2017 model.


That’s all for now, I really love these two watches, and I think you will love them too. As far as quality goes they are both high quality for this price range, the inside of the Neymar is actually from a Seiko, I would not go diving with any of them, but I would go for a swim with them. They are very good looking and much cheaper than a Rolex.

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I welcome criticism, that makes me better. I also love to hear from you if you are happy with the info I provided, so please leave a comment. Have a nice day! And thanks for reading.