Divers Watches For Men Part 2 Reviews

Divers watches

This is my second review post about Divers Watches For Men. In the first part, I reviewed a Seiko and a Neymar, both good looking and pretty good quality, BUT.. They were no good for actually diving, so this time I thought we could look at a couple of watches you can actually dive with. (All pictures are links, and all links go to Amazon.) Enjoy!

Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch

Divers watches
The Titanium version in this picture is sold out, so this link will take you to a stainless steel version of this

This is a Swiss-made diver watch made by Victorinox. This company is most known for making high-quality knives. If I say red iconic Swiss army knife, I bet most of you know exactly what I am talking about, and this company made that iconic knife. Luckily they make their watches with the same quality.

Victorinox put this watch through around 130 tests to prove how resistant it is. The test was everything from, throwing it in a washing machine to, running over it with a 64-ton tank.

You can get it in automatic or quartz, but the automatic is a lot more expensive. They are all stainless steel, except the one I linked, that is made from Titanium. The Titanium watch is obviously more expensive, The titanium is a bit under $800 and the stainless steel you can get from around $400.

They are water-resistant for 200m/660ft. It comes in a few different colors and you can have a few different bands as well. The luminous works well so you can see it underwater. This is a very high quality, and it’s worth the money. I am in awe by this watch. It is great for everyday use and for diving, it can take the beatings of life. And this is a certified diving watch that meets the NIHS 92-11 Swiss watchmaking standards, I.N.O.X. Professional Diver exceeds the required criteria.

The price varies a little between colors.

Watch Information

The case diameter is 47 millimeter and the case thickness is 14 millimeters. you can get this in Titanium or stainless steel. it is a 2018 model.

Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Dial Resin Quartz Watch

Divers Watches

Casio G-Schock has been around for a while, but this is the diver version. When making this, what G-shock did was, they took the concept of the original G-Shock and they hired professional divers and military divers to help make the ultimate dive watch.

The original G-Shock was field watch, made to be used when going hiking and all the beatings that will bring, so it is very durable.

The Frogman has a Dive mode, it will basically time your dives, and you use that mode like a stopwatch, and it has a surface interval measurement function. Here you also have a dive log so you can go back and see your dives, that includes time and date, you can keep up to 10 logs.

The gray plastic buttons on the side are what you use to start and stop the time, and the buttons are pretty big so you can push them with gloves. And it has a tide graph and moon phase, here you can see what the tide is doing at different times. And it has 31 different time zones so you can what the time is in other time zones without changing the time, where you are. You can sett 4 alarms at the same time. And there is a stopwatch and a timer.

It is solar-powered, and have sapphire cover glass, and it is shock resistant. It is water-resistant to 200m/660ft.

This is a very tough and solid quartz watch, under the plastic, it is made from stainless steel. This is made for diving. It is really great quality. It cost around $500 and is worth it. A great diving tool.

Watch Information

The case diameter is 53 millimeter and the case thickness is 17 millimeters, it is made from stainless steel with a plastic cover.


I hope this was helpful. You will be happy with either of these two watches.
They are both very durable, and well-made from companies with great reputations for making quality.
The G-Shock is superior when it comes to how easy it is to see underwater.
The Victorinox looks better for everyday use I think, but that is more of a personal taste thing

Please leave a comment, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, if I don’t know the answer, then I will find it.

Have a nice day.

31 comments on “Divers Watches For Men Part 2 Reviews

  1. Two excellent dive watch choices, thank you.  This is only slightly related to that, but when I saw the first name, I was thinking they stole the name from the Swiss Army Knife because I didn’t realize the Swiss Army Knife is actually the brand name of the little red knife!  I just thought ALL of those types of knives are called the Swiss Army Knife.  LOL!  I’m a little silly.  

    I think I’d choose the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch simply because it’s a brand I’ve heard of most, but thanks for the information on both!

  2. Oh my, who would’ve thought that there was a shock series that could be used to dive. I have been searching for a good one for a long time coming now for myself on a diving expenditure so it’s a good thing that I can make use of my favourite gshock wrist watch. I must say that its features are pretty impressive. That’s my pick of the two brands you shared here. Thank you.

  3. This is some great information and I love how the tables give a snapshot of the details. Mu husband actually loves to swim and has forgotten to remove his watch on more than one occasion lol. I definitely plan to share this post with him. I think I like the G-shock best, because like you said, its better when it comes to how easy it is to see under water.


  4. That is some really serious test that Victorinox Swiss watch went through. I am in awe how it survived the weight of a 64 ton tank! The luminous color for the under water is a really great feature. I love the dolor powered feature of the Casio G-shock. It is really very impressive how the two companies went to great lengths to test their watches. This are some of the best give ideas for the men. Thank you for these great suggestions.

  5. I am shopping for a Christmas gift for a dear friend of mine that collects watches.    Yes, I start my shopping early.    I must admit that I don’t know a whole lot about nice watches.   So, I found this review very helpful.   

    That said, I am familiar with Swiss Army knives.   So, I find myself leaning towards that watch.  The company has already proven themselves to me.   I also like the way it looks better.    Even if my friend goes diving only once or twice a year, this watch should easily be able to withstand other outdoor activities like hunting.   So, it might actually get worn rather than just sitting in a box with a bunch of other watches.   


    1. Happy to help πŸ™‚ yes that watch can really take the beating of every day life and for a hunting trip. if he likes to hunt more, there are watches made for that to, with GPS and compass but they are digital like the G-shock. i do think the Victorinox look very good for every day use.

  6. Hi Simon,

    I think both watches for certified quality diving are great. I’ve been thinking about diving for some time, I have to learn a personal friend with a good teacher first. 

    I am struck by watches that show their resistance to shocks and can reach a depth of 200 meters. I will consult with him first, before making the purchase. Thank you!

    1. Always smart to ask people that know, and to do research before spending so much money. you should also always look through comments from other costumers on the sale page. odds are you will be as happy as the majority. every watch also have a few bad comments that could be helpful. 

  7. The Victorinox watch is impressive! It can certainly take the beatings of life! The tests it has endured, wow, that is enough to convince me to get a Victorinox. And it has a beautiful design. The casio seems more practical, but I think that the Victorinox is my favorite. It would make a great Christmas present for my boyfriend. 

    I also live in a town where there are lots of diving shops. There are many amazing diving spots here, and so I think that it would be a good idea to share your article with the divers here. I know a few people in those shops, I’ll tell them about this. I’m sure that they will love this information!

  8. The description aboutder the watches for divers are excellent details.  The divers need good watch so they know what time they stay underwater.  It is very helpful to know which one is good. I’m crazy about diving underwater but I need to know how long I’m uderwater.  Those watches are great for male divers.  What’s about female divers who need good watches?

    1. That is a very good question. I have looked around a little for dive watches for females, and most of them are just made to look good. so to find something that can actually be used for diving is not easy. so i can’t recommend any here at this moment with out doing a lot of research first. Most of functional dive watches is sadly made for men. But i will do the research and make another post about that, something i can know is good quality.

  9. Great detailed review of the divers watches here. The casio G Shock takes me back years when I used to have one. My friend is massive into watches so I will forward this information to him. Thank you for the information!

  10. First off Simon, what a nice looking site. Second I love the quality of your research right down to manufacture spec sheet, multiple pricing options and feedback on the overall quality of each watch. Diving is a sport I have long been interested in because of the beauty of the deep but sadly my daydreams of actually doing it have passed because of health. But I fish, and a good divers watch would beat replacing my cheapies every time I pop a stud or break a band.

    1. They can really take the beating of a fishing trip, but there are actually watches specially made for fishing and hunting. they have GPS and compass and you mark a location to find your way back if you put out a trap or net or something, and other cool functions. This could maybe be more for you. but in my own taste a diving watch looks better. remember if you ever buy a watch for going fishing, buy with bands that are easy to clean, like rubber band or something, just in case you get some fish guts on it.

  11. Thank you for this detailed review of Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch and Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Dial Resin Quartz Watch. Both watches are very impressive and it’s not easy to choose which one is better for an amateur diver. I guess the Victorinox, because as you wrote, it’s better for everyday use.

  12. Hi

    I am always on the look out for good, quality watches and you have chosen two of the best looking watches I have seen in  a long time. I am not a diver but one of my best friends is, and he would appreciate a good watch like the two you would recommend. As long as it works, keep time accurately and look good, he will be happy.

    The only major concern I have is for deep sea divers, where the watch may not work. What do you recommend here?



    1. I believe they use Dive Computers they look like very big smart watches. i have not research which one of them have the best quality so, i can really recommend one at this moment.:)

  13. The Victorinox Swiss doesn’t look much like a watch one would use for diving, I’m surprised that it is not only good looking but also something that would be so durable from the looks.of it and water proof.

    I never really thought about diving watches up until now and I like it more when there is a little bit of metal on the watch, makes me feel more like a man and I feel I’m really putting on some quality watch

    thanks for this helpful review, how long do you think the Victorinox watch would last being used under normal circumstances

  14. Getting a divers watch is always advisable whenever there is need to go inside the waters. For someone like me who fancies exploration of water better than anything else, this is a big option to me since I can just get any of these. Casio has been my number one goto in here and for that, I have always rated their products better in terms of quality. Hence, the Casio G-Schock is my pick from the list

  15. These two watches are amazing, yeah I remember getting a Gshock but It wasn’t to be used diving, seeing this now is really nice. I’ll actually go for the Victorinox Swiss Army wat h because of its quality and beauty, I know of Swiss Army knife so I want to also have a feel what their watch will look like. It’s always hard to get diver’s watch with great quality as these. About Victorinox’s price, it’s expensive but I think it’s really worth the price. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s nice.

  16. Wow! Interesting watches you have got here and to be honest, the quality rates of all these watches is undiubtable. Each of them are of fine qualities depending on what one wants precisely. That is the only thing that can differentiate them. It all boils down to choices. Other than that, verythimg else about these watches is simply top notch. Simply great to see here. Based on the quality of the swiss knives that I have used in the past, I guess the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch would be just perfect.

  17. It’s so nice to see diver’s watches that are both genuine and aesthetically appealing. The elegance of their designs means that they could actually be worn day to day with no troubles, even if one doesn’t go underwater often. My husband has always been a fan of Swiss products and this article has given me a good idea of what to get him for his upcoming birthday. The I.N.O.X pro diver watch will sure look good on him. 

  18. Oh thank you so much for reviewing these awesome diver watches! I’ll need to check your preview post, but personally I am sold with just these two watches. I’ve been looking for one because of my diving schedule later this year. I’m leaning toward Casio, because I know their quality for other watches, and digital watch is easier to read in underwater. I’ll consider it, thanks

  19. Great looking site you have here. I cannot believe there are so many different types of watches. Like Diving,Hunting and Fishing, etc. This has really educated me and now I know exactly where to come to when I need watch ideas. You have definitely reviewed them from style down to manufacture specifics. That helps when you are ready to buy. Thank you again.


  20. These are some very nice watches! I am going to subtly suggest my wife take a look at these with my birthday coming up! I am very partial to the Victorinox Swiss Army watch, it looks very sleek! I think it would look even better on my wrist! I already know that the quality will be of the utmost quality, they are a very good brand. Thank you for sharing I am going to show my wife now!

  21. For really I fall in love with products made by victorinox and I have also liked the driver watch because its features are very interesting for example what’s amazing about them that they are water resistant hence good for diving, and soon getting one for myself thanks admin for sharing with us this wonderful information 

  22. I was sad to see that the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch  was out of stock and Amazon doesn’t know when they will get more. :(. The Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Dial Resin Quartz Watch link states the url can’t be shown?  Same with the link for the 660 Feet Casio G-Shock Frogman Digital Dial Resin Quartz Watch.  Not sure what happened. 

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