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Let’s Talk About Dress Watch – And Review’s

Let’s talk about dress watch. We will look into what level of formality to use it with and what colors you should have according to your outfit and we will look into a few collections of dress watches.

Formality And Matching

So what are the levels of formality? It is Black tie/white tie, Business dress, business casual, casual and sport. A dress watch can be worn with all of them except sport, for the sport you should look for something more durable like field watch or dive watch. But there are a few unwritten rules for colors and matching.

The metal of you watch should match other metals you have on, like a belt buckle, if the metal is colored, it will be more of a fashion watch and you need to make your own call there if it goes with your outfit. The leather band should match or complement other leather you have on like belt and shoes.

You should also keep in mind the higher formality you dress in, the more simple the watch should be. I would also like to advise you to not buy a designer dress watch if you don’t know what that is, it is when a fashion brand like Armani or Hugo Boss design’s a watch. And the reason is they are usually cheaply made watches of poor quality and yet expensive, so when you buy a designer watch you are basically only paying for the brand name on it.

Now that you know a little about what your watch should look like to match your style, let’s look at some dress watches.

Victorinox Alliance Quartz Watch with Leather Strap

About Dress Watch

Victorinox Alliance is a whole collection of dress watches and they are all very beautiful. For you who don’t know about Victorinox, they are a Swiss brand most known for making the iconic red Swiss army knife. They also make watches of great quality. You can see the whole collection on their website, just remember the one called alliance Sport is not a dress watch, it is a race watch.

This dress watch I have linked above has a black leather band and the house is made of stainless steel.

The formality level on this watch is Business dress and business casual if you go for this with a stainless steel chain band you can also go all the way down to casual. Because this has black leather, you should wear it with a black leather belt and black leather shoes. The Belt buckle and if you have any other thing made of metal on your outfit, should be steel/silver colored. The alliance collection also has a chronograph watch that looks pretty dressy, the formality level than would be business casual, and casual.

Full price is around $425 but it is currently on sale on Amazon for $352 (The pictures in this post are links to Amazon)

Case Diameter is 40 millimeters, and the case thickness is 9 millimeters. It has Sapphire glass which makes it pretty scratch resistant. It has a quartz movement.


Orient 2nd Gen. Bambino Japanese Automatic


About Dress Watch

Bambino is a dress watch collection from Orient. Orient is a Japanese brand that started back in the 1950s. The Bambino collection is on its 5th generation now, and it’s a lot of different versions of the same watch, they have many different styles and colors you should look trough, you will most likely find something to match your level of formality in this collection alone.

The dress watch in the picture here is from the 2nd generation and will go in the Business casual and casual level. As further back in the generations you go the cheaper they are, this particular watch cost around $130 at the moment and it comes in 5 different color, in the latest generation (5) they cost between $300 to $400.

This has Swiss automatic movements, the case diameter is 40 millimeters and the case thickness is 12 millimeters, and it is made of stainless steel. A dress watch should be very slim, so the 12-millimeter thickness is a bit over the top for a dress watch.

Tissot T-Classic Le Locle Powermatic 80 Automatic

About Dress Watch

Tissot T-Classic Le Locle is another great collection of dress watches. In this collection you can find watches for both men and women, they are all Swiss automatic.

Tissot is another Swiss company known for making great quality and was founded all the way back in 1853.

This particular watch costs $575 but it is on sale on Amazon for $390 at the moment, this whole collection has a price range between $550 and $1800. If this is way out of your price range, you can search for T-classic without the Le Locle part, then you will find a lot of cheaper quartz versions that you can get for a little over $100.

It is made of stainless steel and the glass is made from synthetic sapphire. The case diameter is 39 millimeters and the case thickness is 9 millimeters, which is considered the perfect size for a dress watch.

Timex Marlin Automatic.

About Dress Watch

Marlin is a very small collection from Timex. In this collection, you find the Marlin automatic and the Hand-Wound, for the ladies the hand-wound in one color is your only option.

The one in the picture is from the automatic line, but if I’m honest I think the hand-wound looks better. Timex is an American company, founded in 1854.

I think Timex nailed it with the simplicity a dress watch should have, The formality level here is from black tie and all the way down to casual, and the reason is that it is very interesting, especially the hand-wound model which is a remake from their first Marlin that they made in the 1960s which was extremely popular back then. Timex even has a museum in America.

This cost $250, the whole automatic collection cost between $250 and $260. In the hand-wound collection, all cost $200

The case diameter is 40 millimeters and the case thickness is 10,5 millimeters, and its made of stainless steel.


Remember to keep in mind the dress code I talked about in the beginning when you look through the collections so you find the right watch for your style. Please leave a comment, I will answer all questions as best I can. Have a nice day.