Let’s Talk About Pocket Watches For Men!

Pocket watches for men

We will now learn About Pocket Watches For Men.

we will go a little into the history, and the different types, and what type of outfit you can use with a pocket watch, and how to use them.

I really love the Pocket Watch, so I wanted to share this with you, and maybe make them more popular again.

The history of pocket watches.

The first time-peace people carried around with them was a mix of a clock and a watch. They were a lot Pocket Watches For Menfatter than the pocket watch we know. They used to wear this clock-watch around their neck, in a chain, kinda like Flava Flav, only classier.

This timepiece was made in the 16th century and was so fat, it kinda was cylinder-shaped, it was almost the size of the small soda can you get on airplanes. It only had one hand, which was the hour hand. It did not have a glass cover, but a hinged cover made of brass to protect the face of the watch, the cover kinda had a shape like this symbol #, so they could see through it. Later the shape of the watches, evolved into a more of an egg shape, and after that, they could make them into whatever shape they want, and they did, some of the cooler ones I have seen pictures of, was of a skull and a cross and a book.

The 17th century, is where they became pocket watches because the style change and they started to put them in their pockets. They also switched the chain to the kind we have today, it is called a fob. They connected them to their waistcoats/vests, and belts to prevent them from dropping the pocket watch.

I believe they had glass to cover the face by then, and the type of cover we have today. The cover was often decorated with family/society/club crest or other fancy decorations, and it was a symbol of rich high class.

The pocket watch was very popular until the end of world war one, when the military invented the wristwatch.

Pocket watch types

There are 2 different types of pocket watches, some say 5 but I think 4 of them are too similar to call them each a type of pocket watch.

We have the open face pocket watch, this has no cover, it is just open, hence the name, Open face. The other is called Hunter case. This is the type with a cover. The other ones, some say are their own types are called, full hunter, half hunter, double full hunter, double half hunter. Full hunter is the one with a cover, the half hunter has a cover with a hole so you can see the time without opening, the double full hunter and the double half hunter, are the same only it has a cover on both sides, that you can open.Pocket Watches For Men

It is not that much difference between all of them, you can only tell them apart from the cover


Are you getting married? or going to some other fancy pansy party? Then this is the ideal time to use a pocket watch.

From the very beginning of the pocket watch, it was the Nobel rich upper class that used them. Their outfits were very very formal. So we still wear our pocket watches when we dress up to look our very best, Tuxedo and business suit with vest’s is when we wear them the most. But you can also wear a pocket watch when looking a bit more casual. Throw on a dress shirt and some ok looking pants and an odd vest. An odd vest is a vest, that is usually made from different kinds of material than a suit vest, and it can come in many different patterns and color’s, so it makes you look sharp but more casual. If you want to wear a pocket watch with this kind of vest, you can, but I would try to find a pocket watch that doesn’t stand out too much. Maybe a steel or silver-colored, or a retro brass color, or maybe even a little stained or dirty, like in the Oliver twist movie, could look very good with an odd vest, it would, however, depend on the color of the vest.


There are not that many ways, but I will tell you about the few ways you can use it.

One way, that is not very popular anymore is, you connect the fob to your belt, and the pocket watch In your pants pocket.

The most popular way is with a waistcoat/vest, you fit the chain to your middle buttonhole and the watch in one of the pockets.

Another way is, you pull the chain through your middle buttonhole and put the end of the chain in one pocket and the watch in the other.

Have you ever wondered what that small extra pocket in your pocket on your jeans are for? that is specially made for pocket watches, it was invented by Levis in the 1890s for the cowboys and miners, altho this pocket now days are too small for most pocket watches.

You should never put the chain in the same pocket as your watch because the chain can then scratch the watch.

Do you want one now?

Now that you know the history and the types, and what outfits you can use them with, and how to use them, you can start using them all the time, you can even use them without putting on a suit or tuxedo, and still look casually sharp. You can now go out and find one, that fits the outfits you want.

I have reviewed 4 pocket watches here: https://watchclicks.com/reviews-on-pocket-watches-for-men/

I hope you liked this post, and please leave a comment If I got something wrong or If you have any questions about pocket watches. Or if you just want to. Have a nice day!

15 comments on “Let’s Talk About Pocket Watches For Men!

  1. I can only image people walking around looking like Flava Flav! LOL
    I like your idea of getting pocket watches back into fashion, that’s brilliant. I will certainly get one for my self to support it. So cool! Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

  2. Hello

    Very interesting your article

    your article takes me back a year to remind me of my grandfather who had pocket watches and I remember the chain he had tied up in his trousers

    In your article you mentioned the ways the rolls can fit and I was really impressed.

    The small trouser pocket is very handy to fit the watch, as I was left wondering why the jacket is in the trouser

    The”Black Pocket Watch Roman Pattern Shoulder Impressive” as it is Cheap but Impressive

    I found it very interesting!

  3. I love the idea and look of pocket watches. And your suggestion of adding them to a ‘special’ outfit or occasion appeals to me. I just loved looking at the variety. They really are beautiful.

  4. Wow, you’ve given such a nice review of pocket watches. The good thing about it is the historical backgrounds.

    I have never thought of such a nice work worth considering especially when it comes to pocket watches.

    This is a rare good niche.
    Wishing you great success.

  5. Wahoo!!
    What a great post.
    It’s really been years since I last heard of a pocket watches!
    Thank you for the history of pocket watches.
    Reading your article really makes me want to get one. It is really a perfect and unique style today.
    Tank you sharing!
    All the best

  6. I have seen a couple of people who still make use of the pocket watch till today and they seem to be a very big deal to them especially around Chicago. I didn’t know that they were really this big in the past.

    I didn’t know how they are meant to be worn so it is very nice of you to share ways to wear a pocket watches as well. Maybe i too should get me a pocket watch too. Thank you for he details.

  7. I read a fact on a magazine about how the small pockets on our jeans were made specifically for the pocket watches. This goes to show hom important they were in the past and how the watches pocket have become a fashion thing in our age today. I must say that i am very fascinated about how big they were in the 16th century and hw they were actually neck watches before becoming smaller. Nice information here.

  8. Hi, I am a fan ok pocketc watches! Im not kidding I have many of them and I loe your idea of bringing them back into fashion! I usually take one with me per day and then repeat. I love everything about them. You provide awesome information so thank you for that!

    Take care.

  9. Thanks for the clear description you have provided to us about the pocket watch and also the historical background of it and by this I have fallen in love with it, I think I should purchase one for myself because I have found interest in it thanks for sharing with us this wonderful information 

  10. Pocket watches have been a type of watch I love seeing and in some cases having around when I go out and don’t want to wear a wristwatch. My dad had some really big ones back then and that wasn’t the one I want to have. Until recently, I started seeing a couple of fancy ones with fine designs around and I got two for myself. I still would go around the world with my pocket watch anytime .

  11. Good Morning Simon,

    Reading your post on pocket watches brought back some fond memories of my Mother’s father. My grandfather died in 1972 and he was just over 70 years old.

    He used to be a successful businessman in Amsterdam providing the big ships which would go to Indonesia. This family business existed since the early 18oo. Grandfather had his suits tailor-made in England and he used a pocket watch.

    When I was small we would often visit the grandparents who lived some 40 km away. Grandfather was always dressed in a suit with a vest and he would show me his pocket watch, open the lid so I could see the time. It was a gold watch with the family crest as decoration. After he died his son inherited the watch. 

    I think it is nice that this tradition is coming back.

    Regards, Taetske

  12. I love the idea of my husband wearing a pocket watch for a wedding or other special occasion (like date night).  How cool and classy! I enjoyed learning the history of the pocket watch and I’m so glad they are smaller now than they used to be! Oh, and I had no idea about the little extra pocket in jeans…glad that mystery is solved! Thanks for the info…now I’m going to go talk to my husband…

  13. For a start, having a pocket watch as an addition to an outfit will speak of beauty and class. It is really beautiful and I always admire it right from the time I do see my dad wearing it on a tuxedo. But having grown up,  have started to see beautiful ones with varieties of designs and beauty. I can only go for more. Thanks for this post and for sharing this history about it. Very great post here. Thumbs up

  14. I love seeing my hubby wear pocket watch whenever we are going for an occasion or special outings. It always make him look unique and classy. I never knew the historical attachment of the pocketwatch before but I have always admired it right from the time I was growing up. There are now variety of designs these days and I know it would only go more better. My hubby has almost three and he wears them interchangeably. Thank you.

  15. Pocket watches a very classy and stylish, so it’s nice to see that they’re still being made. There also seems to be a considerable variety of pocket watches available. It’s surprising that they go all the way back to the 1600s, and that portable timepieces go back to the 1500s.  

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