Seiko 5

What is Seiko 5?

Today we will look into the history of Seiko, and review a few of them, and we will answer the question, What Is Seiko 5? and, is Seiko a quality brand? Enjoy! History in 1881 a man named Kintarō Hattori, opened a watch and jewelry store called K. Hattori in Tokyo, where he sold and […]

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About Fossil Watches

What About Fossil Watches, Any Good?

Do you want a good looking watch? but you want something that is of good quality and is affordable? There are a few companies out there, that make quality watches most people can afford. I will cover all of them, but today we will only talk About Fossil Watches. I think most people have heard […]

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Pocket watches for men

Let’s Talk About Pocket Watches For Men!

We will now learn About Pocket Watches For Men. we will go a little into the history, and the different types, and what type of outfit you can use with a pocket watch, and how to use them. I really love the Pocket Watch, so I wanted to share this with you, and maybe make […]

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About Me

Welcome to WatchClicks MY STORY Hi everyone and welcome to WatchClicks. I have always had a passion for wristwatches because, as a young man, wanting to look my best for the ladies, watches were the most acceptable jewelry for men. When I used other jewelry, not everyone liked that, for example. If I used a […]

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