Perfect Watches

Perfect Watches – Or Weird Watches Part 3

Hey everyone and welcome to Perfect Watches part 3. Today I have found 2 more cool or weird looking watch with and one of them has an unbelievable price. Enjoy.

Auwer Watches, Unisex Retro Vinyl Records Design.

I love the way this watch looks, an old vinyl record. The band comes in 4 different colors. This might just be some good looking garbage but for this price, I think we all should get one anyway. This watch costs (at the moment at least), $0.01. I have never seen any watch this cheep before and of course, I would not expect this to be any good, but you never know.

A Gameboy Watch?

I guess the people that like this one do it out of nostalgia, it is a game boy watch and I love it, I don’t think I would ever wear it but I want one anyway, just as decoration in my nerdy man cave. This game boy watch cost $30


I hope you like the 2 watches of the week, Both cheap both most likely bad quality and I love them both.

Come back next week for more cool or weird looking watches and check out one of the previous posts if you haven’t seen it yet.

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