Perfect Watches – Or Weird Watches.

Perfect Watches

Hey everyone. Perfect Watches Is a new weekly post. here I will just show you a couple of watches every week that I think looks amazing. Some might even be considered art.

Omega Seamaster Mechanical (Automatic) Silver Dial Men’s Watch (Certified Pre-Owned)

Perfect Watches

This Omega Seamaster is a mechanical Swiss automatic watch, made of Platinum. I really love this design. If you want this was you have to pay the *small* sum of $39,950.00 This is pre-owned, as it is a special edition from 2010 I believe it is impossible to get new.

Rolex Masterpiece Automatic-self-Wind Female Watch (Certified Pre-Owned

Perfect WatchesThis is a Rolex Masterpiece, I’m not saying it is a masterpiece but that is what Rolex named it. This is a Swiss automatic for the ladies, it is made of yellow gold and pearl diamonds. This watch is from 2006, pre-owned, and of course it comes with a ridicules price at around $50.000.00

That’s It

That is it for Perfect Watches this week, come back next week for more.

Not all watches I show here will be expensive, I only go for the good looking ones no matter what the price is.

Please leave a comment and have a nice day, See you next week.

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  1. Nice picture of each watch. Details large enough to see.I see some typing errors. Make sure you check for spelling other errors before you publish articles. Is the watch for ladies $50 dollars or $50,000?

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