Review’s on pocket watches for men.

Pocket watches for men

Welcome to my Pocket Watch reviews, today I will look at a few Pocket Watches for men, I will look into quality, brand reputation, functions, looks, types, and how happy costumers are with these products. some will be priced around $1400 and some in-between and all the way down to $140. Enjoy! (all pictures are links to amazon)

Gotham Men’s Stainless Steel Mechanical Hand Wind Railroad Pocket Watch # GWC14104s.

Pocket watches for men

This design is a railroad watch, it is called that because, back in 1891 there was a famous train crash caused by one of the conductors because his watch had stopped for 30 sec, after that they had to make a new standard. It had to be white face with black Arabic numbers, so it was easy to see, It had to be open-faced, meaning it was not allowed to have a cover(hunter watch). They were not allowed to set the times themselves, so if they let the watch stop they had to spend about $2 to sett it. They had to screw the glass over the face open and move the hands.

Of course, this watch is not that complicated to set the time, it just looks like what their watches looked like.

Gotham, it’s the brand name and railroad classic is the name for this collection line. Gotham is a fairly new company, they started up in 2011. In my research, it was hard to find any info about the quality this brand produces. It seems like no watch enthusiasts have any relations to this brand so it’s a bit of a wild card.

In this model, it is not many comments from costumers either. I have only found 3. All good comments, one of them stands out for me, he said, he a have a few railroad standard watches from the 40s and this watch was a beautiful reproduction, it felt solid and well put together, and it was the same size and weight.

Watch Information

It has Swiss automatic movements and it is made of stainless steel. The case diameter is 51 millimeters and the case thickness is 11,7 millimeters. It is a 2017 model and is water-resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet. It is a 17 jewel mechanical self-wind movement, and it includes a curb chain.

The good news here, it has a lifetime warranty and it is pretty cheap for a watch. This watch costs around $140.

Personalized Meisterwerk Sterling Silver Pocket Watch M1877.

Pocket watches for men

This is a beautiful Swiss automatic/mechanical double hunter (double hunter means it opens on both sides)skeleton watch. It is made with Sterling silver. Sterling silver is made by 92.5% weight of silver and 7.5 weight of other metal, usually copper. Pure silver is a very soft metal, to soft to make durable jewelry, that is why they put in other metal, to make it more durable/harder.

Meisterwerk is a collection of pocket watches, sadly it is very little info out there about this brand. I have only found 1 customer comment, all he said was, excellent service, beautiful quality watch. It is very expensive, at $1395.

They do engrave the watch for you and the wood box it comes in.

Watch Information

It is a 17 jewel Swiss mechanical automatic movement, the case diameter is 53 millimeter.

Note that ones you have engraved this, it is not possible to return it.

This watch seems to be made of silver and has Swiss movements, probably why it is so expensive. But I would not take the chance on this watch at that price when it is so little information out there about it.

Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch with Desktop Stand # GWC18801S-ST.

Pocket watches for men

Here we have another Gotham watch. This is a mechanical double hunter skeleton pocket watch. I think this one looks just as good as the expensive Meisterwerk watch above here, and this watch is only around $200. We have even had many costumer comments on this watch. The majority gave it 5 stars and good reviews, but first Let’s look at the only 2 comments that did not give them 5 stars.

One of the comments was: The clasp that opens the sides sticks sometimes. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars. I was able to get it engraved at my local jeweler. The other comment was the crown broke after 1 week, he had used it every day and carried it around in his jeans pocket. I have heard of this problem before, and this happens because the pockets on the pants are usually very tight, and after a while, the wear and tear of your movements is too much for the crown in those tight pockets.

Some of the good comments were: The one that stands out more was he had used it for 5 months and still no problems at all. This is a good comment because just the fact that they came back after 5 months to give good comment, tells me, he is very happy with this watch. Other comments were mainly about looks, they said it looks better than the pictures.

Watch Information

This is a 17 jewel Swiss mechanical automatic double hunter pocket watch suitable for engraving. The case diameter is 54 millimeter and the case thickness is 18 millimeters.

Arrives in a beautiful box with a polishing cloth, lifetime limited warranty, and operating instructions

This seems like a very good watch, and is pretty safe to buy. The majority of costumers are happy so chances are, you will be too. just don’t put it in tight jeans pockets.

Charles Hubert 3851 Quartz Picture Frame Pocket Watch.

Pocket watches for men

This is a pretty plain and cool looking Full hunter Quartz pocket watch. And the inside of the cover is a picture frame. Charles Hubert Paris is the brand name and its only 20 years old, and based in Hong Kong.

So Let’s look at how happy costumers are with this pocket watch.

Let’s start with the bad ones, one said: The kickstand on the back is useless. I was excited to find the only watch with a kickstand, but the watch would not sit properly and falls over. The watch is beautiful, but the kickstand was not thought out properly. And another said: The face door opens well but doesn’t open all the way to 90 degrees.

Now the good comments. Bought this one after perusing several and reading reviews. Like the quartz rather than wind-up, and like the portrait feature which allows it to stand alone on a desk or nightstand. It comes with a chain, which I did not notice and ordered an extra and it turns out Hubby doesn’t want to use the chain anyway. Very nice and good-looking watch!

All good comments are of this nature.

Sadly it is no reviews out there that I could find about how it is after some time of use. But no one said it broke either so, that’s good.

Watch Information

It has Japanese quartz movements, the case diameter is 48 millimeters and the case thickness is 16 millimeters. it is a 2013 model. and has a hunter case with a picture frame inside the front cover.

This watch seems pretty safe to buy aswell. Most comments on the brand itself that I could find said they make good quality. This cos around $110. What I don’t like about this watch is just that’s it is a quartz, I just like pocket watches to be mechanical/automatic. Don’t get me wrong, quartz is good, it is just that it is something special about the mechanical.


I hope this was helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you see I got something wrong, so I can fix it.

3 comments on “Review’s on pocket watches for men.

  1. These are quite wonderful examples of watches which still have a place in modern society, and I’m so glad to see that certain men are still opting to use these timepieces. 

    Personally, I would love to own one, and I think they bring a style and look that no modern models can match. Unfortunately I never get to events or have the suit clothing that would match these watches (I’m a musician and my wardrobe just wouldn’t fit!). 

    I think the Meisterwerk model looks stunning!

    1. i dont know your style, but an odd vest might be something for you, they are not so formal, or a leather vest if you in to hard rock/metal. you and use pocket watches on all of them, just get a watch with the right color and style to match your image 🙂

  2. I love pocket watches! My Grandpa collected them and so did my father.  I have a small collection as well.  I love the gotham watches styles.  My favorite is the old railroad style without the front.  I seem to always have problems with the clasps on my watches. Nothing like a nice pocket watch to tell time and to accessorize a gentleman’s wardrobe.

    Thanks for this thorough review.


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