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Victorinox Watch – For Men And Women – Reviews

Hey In this article we will look at the history of the Victorinox watch brand and review two watches for men and two watches for women. Enjoy!


Victorinox watch

Karl Elsener – Knifemaker and founder of Victorinox.


Victorinox is a Swiss brand, that makes knives and luxury watches. As most Swiss brands they are also known for their quality products. It seems to me that only the best is good enough for them.

Victorinox founded their company in 1884, it was just a small workshop then. Later they began to deliver knives to the Swiss army. They almost went out of business when another company could deliver knives at a lower price.

Victorinox Then in 1897 got a patent on *Schweizer Offiziers- und Sportmesser* which is the Original Swiss Army Knife. This knife saved them from going under. Today this knife is iconic.

The founder named the company Victoria in 1909 in honor of his mother who passed away that year. In 1921 It was rebranded to Victorinox, which is a mix of Victoria and inox. (Inox means stainless steel)

They did not go into the watchmaking business until 1989 under the brand name Swiss army. They are well-known for the quality of their knives and luckily for us, they passed on that quality to their watches.

When I think about quality watches, most of them are Swiss, So to come in the watchmaking game so late, In Switzerland, is HARD, with great competitors like Rolex and Omega, Victorinox had to bring their A-game. I believe that Victorinox nailed it, with their own unique designs and competitive prices and truly solid build watches.

Victorinox Women’s Quartz Watch With Silver 241768

Victorinox watch

This is a Quartz Field watch. It has a Japanese movement. If you’re thinking, why would they use Japanese movements in a Swiss watch? There is a good reason for that. Seiko, a Japanese company made the very first Quartz watch and their quartz movements are some of the best you can get. So most Quartz watches have Japanese movements because they want to make quality watches.

This is made of stainless steel and it has Superluminova which means it glows in the dark. This watch is not what I would call feminine even tho it is for women, it is more the size that makes it for women, I have also read that men with small wrists are buying this. It is water-resistant to 200m or 660ft, so you don’t have to take it off when you go for a swim. The case diameter is 37 millimeters and the case thickness is 15 millimeters. It has a 3-year warranty but will probably last you a lifetime.

If you are a couple that likes to match, this next one is for the man.



Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Watch

Victorinox watch

This watch looks almost the same as the one above for women, only bigger. If you and your Lady want to match you can get this in black, there are 12 different colors/versions of this, some of them are even made from Titanium.

If you have read my review on Dive watches, I talked about I.N.O.X professional diver. This is the same watch without the bezel. The bezel is a big part of what makes it a dive watch.

I.N.O.X. collections are made to endure a lot more than they need to, they put this watch through 130 test to show how robust it is. some of the test was a drop from 10meters and they ran over this with a 64-ton tank, they dived to 200meter, and so on. They proved that It is extremely hard to break this thing.

Just as the one for women, this has a superluminova, and water-resistant to 200m or 660ft. This is a lot bigger tho, with a case diameter with 43millimeter and case thickness is 14 millimeters. If you would like a smaller watch, The one called I.N.O.X. V has a case diameter of 37millimeters. This is also a Quartz with Japanese movements.

I must say that the I.N.O.X. collection is probably one of my favorite watches of all time.

Is there an I.N.O.X. for women too?



Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Rubber Strap.

Victorinox watch

There is not really much more to say about this watch. It is an I.N.O.X. So it is pretty much the same as the one I talked about before. The case diameter is 37 millimeter so it is smaller. It also looks very good and is more feminine. This comes with a bezel cover, so if you should use it while doing something that could make scratches, put it on to protect it, and take it off when you want to show off how beautiful it is.

There is also a luxury version of this. It is Gold plated and very pink. It does not come with a cover so this is more for looking pretty. But still very durable, it is an I.N.O.X. after all


Victorinox watch


Victorinox Swiss Army. Men’s Original Swiss Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap

Victorinox watch

This is a quartz Pilot watch, it comes in 4 different colors. Black, Green, Purple, Beige. This is by far the cheapest watch I have talked about here. The case diameter is only 38 millimeter and the case thickness is only 9,5 millimeters. So it is small and lite.

Its is kinda hard to see in this picture but if you look closely it is some beautiful details here, in the face and on the bezel.

It comes with a nylon strap, and it is waterproof to 100m or 330ft. So it is suitable for swimming but not diving. It has lume on the hands. This watch is priced somewhere between $60 to $80 so for that price range it is hard to find something better.


I hope you liked this post, and please leave a comment below. Come back to visit us again for more info and reviews. I am planning to write a review on dress watches soon and I will talk about one watch from the Victorinox Alliance collection there, which is beautiful. So stay tuned. Have a nice day!

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