What About Fossil Watches, Any Good?

About Fossil Watches

Do you want a good looking watch? but you want something that is of good quality and is affordable?

There are a few companies out there, that make quality watches most people can afford. I will cover all of them, but today we will only talk About Fossil Watches. I think most people have heard About Fossil Watches, and Fossil is the brand we will cover today. we will get into some history of the company and do a few reviews. Enjoy!

Short History.

Tom Kartsotis is the name of the man who founded the company in 1984 in Texas after he’s older brother Kosta Kartsotis suggested it to him. Kosta told Tom about a possible Good business, importing retail goods from Asia, especially fashion watches. Kosta Kartsotis was at the time a merchandising executive at a department store chain. Fashion watches was their main product and had a retro look. They soon after started importing leather goods as well.

Fossil watches was a great success and they were able to make great deals for licensed watch line. They now own and are partners with 17 other companies, I think…

Fossil FS5512

About Fossil Watches

This is a very plain looking watch, it is a Chronograph quartz watch with a leather strap. This kind of watch can be used with a casual style up to business style, This is not a dress watch even tho it could almost pass as one. you want a dress watch to be smaller and even more simple.

I usually like to look at reviews in a few places that sell them to see what the customer thinks about it, and the worst review I found gave it a 4 star (of 5 possible) and his only complaint was that the engraving he ordered on it was too small, and one guy said the box it came in, was too girly. Most people say they got it for their husbands and they loved it. Fossil has a reputation for making quality watches and I could not find one complaint about it, so I would think this is a safe buy.

Let’s look at some specifications:

The case diameter is 44mm and the case thickness is 11mm. Bandwidth is 22mm

This is good looking watch for everyday use, it is a little bit big, but I like it.

Fossil ME3086

I thought sins the watch above here had so many comments on women buying it for their husbands, you manly men could buy one for you wives.

About Fossil Watches

This is a skeleton quartz automatic watch. And I thought this was absolutely beautiful. Quartz automatic means for you that it uses batteries but you charge the battery with your movements

I did, however, find a few bad comments on this watch. One said the pin fell out after 2 months and 2 others said that it fogged up behind the glass. Of many reviews I have read, fossil’s automatic watches seem to have a little quality problem all around. But damn it looks good. If you buy one of these, I would recommend keeping it away from water at all times.

Let’s look at some specifications:

The case diameter is 38mm and the bandwidth is 18mm and it is water-resistant to 50 meters or 165 feet.

This watch is a little risky to buy, either it works fine or it falls apart. But for a watch that good looking, it might be worth the gamble.

Fossil FS5478

About Fossil Watches

This is a very simple good looking dress watch. It comes in 3 different colors, Gunmetal with brown leather straps, or Silver with black leather straps, or the black one in the picture

I found only 1 bad comment on this watch, and he said it felt like cheap crap. But all the other comments I found were positive. All except for 1 dude thought this was great quality.

Let’s look at some specifications:

The Case size is 44mm and the bandwidth is 22mm

It is a quartz and made of stainless steel. The band is leather and it is interchangeable with all 22mm bands from Fossil. It is water-resistant to 50meter or 165 feet. It is suitable for swimming for a short while and for showering, but to be safe take it off before swimming.

I think it is a little too big but it is a very nice dress watch

I think this would be safe to buy.

Fossil Model: FTW4016

About Fossil Watches

This is a smartwatch, and I must say it looks a lot better than thous very popular square smartwatches all the big tech companies sell. But is it any good?.

What people don’t like about this, is the screen scratches easy and it doesn’t have speakers. But still, a lot of people like this more than the bigger tech brands, because it has the OS from Google. And Google is competing with apple so they have to be good. And the fact this is a fossil watch makes it way more comfortable to wear than the smartwatches from tech companies, and in pretty much all the reviews I’ve seen of this, they all say this is the best-looking smartwatch out there now. The battery life is 24 hours but that would depend a lot with how much you use it. But still, they can all go through the whole day without charging. But you should charge every night, and in 1 hour you will get up to 80% battery. The app you get on your phone for this watch has a lot of different faces you can choose from, which is very cool. This is overall a great watch.

Let’s look at some specifications:

It uses OS from google and can be used with Andriod phones and iPhones. It has a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, GPS, google assistant, google pay. You can receive notifications and app alerts from your phone, and you can control your music, and customize your watch face, and download other apps. It is a touchscreen, and it has a microphone.

The case size is 45mm and the band is 22mm, and just like the others here, the band is interchangeable with all fossil bands with 22mm


That’s all I have for you today. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or criticism so I can learn. I hope you have a good day!

17 comments on “What About Fossil Watches, Any Good?

  1. I have always loved Fossil watches. I have owned quite a few. One thing I love is how great they look yet they are not that expensive especially compared to many watches these days.

    I think from this list my favourite is Fossil FS5512. I just love the way it looks. You educated me on lots of information I did not even know about the company and the watches as well.

    Thanks for sharing such a thorough review. You have my mind set on buying one for my brother for Christmas.

  2. I had no idea that Fossil even made a smart watch. I love the clean, high end look of a Fossil watch and the fact that they are very affordable.

  3. Well Fossil is my favorite brand and I also like to buy these watches as a gift to special persons, since I consider my expert in this field. I will take your recommendations and probably get one of FS5478 to my father as a birthday gift. His birthday is right around the corner and there is no better way to surprise him than with new Fossil watch.

    Love your website by the way.

  4. I like the fossil FS5478, it is stunning even though it looks simple and from the looks of it, it seems too good for the price get are selling at Amazon. Hopefully the shipping costs to my country won’t  be too expensive because some times get can go for as twice as the product itself. If all goes well I may even get one ladies watch for my fiancee. Thanks for this review on fossil watches.

  5. Hi! I have always liked Fossil watches. And I really like the smartwatch, Model: FTW4016. I like watches that are comfortable and also look good, and both are present in this one.

    I like its colors and the combination between its cool classic design and the inclusion of modern tech. It has the best of both worlds.

  6. The ladies seem to be getting some really nice looking watches here. The Fossil brand have been one brand I always look out for its products when getting a watch and these sets you have suggested just keeps increasing my trust for the brand. Since its all ladies here this time, I have eyes for the Fossil FS5478. Its simple nature in design and color is one thing that catches my attention and the quality of this watch beats some I have seen. Should I need to get one for someone, I’ll go with it.

  7. I’m getting intoxicated by the appearance of the  blackness of the Fossil FS478. It is truly beautiful and very cool looking with the sleek of a masculine. I like this a lot and would really love to own one. I like to have varieties of watches and to blend with the clothing I am on. I have never seen a completely blacknone as this and that is why I like it.

  8. This was a great post on Fossil watches!  I remember it was THE watch and brand to own years ago.  I’m impressed that the name is still holding up.  Actually, I’m not shocked.  I have owned a couple of Fossil watches over the years.  They’ve always been my favorite.  I have always been drawn to the look and the style of the watch.  The price points have always been reasonable for me.  Thank you for sharing these tips on Fossil watches!  I appreciate your research!  

  9. I have grown to be accustomed to the use of fossil watches and this that I just read has opened my eyes to a lot more on them. I always like the simplicity and the beauty of the watches and the Fossil FS5512 has got a soft spot in my heart. This is awesome and I will consider buying sooner. Thumbs up

  10. thank you very much,

    I actually liked this article about fossil watches, they look good and adorable. I enjoyed the brief history of fossil watches and what I liked most is the fact that they come in different types and colors. I visit Amazon and found that this product has free shipping and it is available in more than one color

  11. Hello,

    I love the smart watch model Fossil FTW 4016. I appreciate that it has the Google operating system and can spend the whole day without charging. I also find the brown leather band with the buckle closure very attractive. 

    It is my intention to give it to one of my children, I will consult with him first before making the purchase. 

    Thank you!

  12. Hi

    I’ve been a fan of fossil watches for quite some time! I have three now and six watches in total, so think I’m at my watch quota for the time being lol. I am however toying with the idea of getting one for my girlfriend for Christmas, the ME3086 looks like it could be a good option. Are there any similar fossil watches you could recommend that I could that one with?

    1. Your missing a word at the end there so im, not 100% sure what you mean, but if that word is match then it is a grey version of that one that looks more masculine but it is still for women but, I found one that could almost match https://amzn.to/2BxDZ50 This comes in two colors, I think the back one looks better. but remember Fossils automatic/mechanical watches does seem to brake easy.

  13. I wanted to buy Smart Watch in different brand and I didn’t know Fossil company also has its own Smart watch.Your review about Fossil watches has made me to change my mind to get this Model: FTW4016. It is really nice product along with tons of positive spec and functionalities which I can count on them to set up my daily tasks and enjoy it. When I read the feedback on amazon which is positively had been stated by viewers,I convinced this Watch worth the price. Thanks

  14. Fossil is the real deal, I’ve been able to use one of their watched I think about 2 years ago, my cousin bought it as a birthday gift for me, and now it’s in the possession of brother. I must say I really enjoyed the quality and the fashion ability of the watch. These are beautiful watches, they all look so good that you’ll hardly be able to choose from them, I really like the Fossil Model: FTW4016, I hope I’ll be able to get one soon. Thanks for this information, it’s nice.

  15. By the virtue of how many watch companies we have nowadays, it’s always a challenge for most people to know which watch to buy, various companies are their with no quality attached to their products, anyways that’s why it’s important to read people’s comment about any product you’re about to purchase, there, you’ll be able to know what’s of and what’s intact about it. Fossil has really done great to have these watch quality so high and beautiful, I love the it. I’ve seen a couple watches I love her and I’ll make sure I purchase a fossil watch as soon as possible.

  16. I have always been a big Fossil watch fan. My first nice watch when I was a teenager was a Fossil. These watches are just as nice as I remember, I am a big fan of the FS5478 model, I know you say it is a bit large but I am a bigger guy so I think it will look great on my wrist! I love the sleek design on it. Thank you for sharing, I’ll get one right now!

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