What is Seiko 5?

Seiko 5

Today we will look into the history of Seiko, and review a few of them, and we will answer the question, What Is Seiko 5? and, is Seiko a quality brand? Enjoy!


in 1881 a man named Kintarō Hattori, opened a watch and jewelry store called K. Hattori in Tokyo, where he sold and repaired watches and clocks. Hattori was 22 years old at the time. He was very focused on perfection and achieving great quality. If you look at the successful Swiss watchmakers today, you will see the very same attitude which might be the reason for success.

In 1892, he started a company name Seikosha, meaning roughly “House of Exquisite Workmanship”, he started to produce clocks then. In 1924, he started to produce his first watch, under the name Seiko. In 1969, he made the Seiko quartz Astron 35 SQ, and this watch was the very first quartz watch in the world. When it came out, it cost about the same as a car. A few years later Seiko made the first quartz chronograph.

In the late 1980s, they made the first automatic quartz. It is impressive that they were the first to come out with new technology three times.

What is Seiko 5?

Seiko 5 is a collection. Seiko wanted to make a watch with 5 attributes.

1 Water-resistant

2 Automatic winding

3 Day/date displayed in a single window

4 Durable case and bracelet

5 Recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position


1. The Diaflex mainspring (durable mainspring)

2. The Diashock system (shock protection)

3. Automatic winding

4. Day/date indication

5. Water resistance

When it comes to quality, it is possible it is no better out there, and it is a lot cheaper than other brands with the same quality, and they make them very good looking. It is one of the safest watches you can buy. But always read the comments from other costumers on the site you buy it from to see how happy people really are about their product, this can help you make a smart choice when it comes to buying or not, and just look at the stars also read them. Sometimes they get 1 star only because the people shipping it, did a bad job, and that does not make the product bad

Seiko 5 SPORTS Analog Dress Automatic Watch SNZG09J1

Seiko 5

This is a Seiko 5 Sport military field watch, it is automatic, and it lumes in the dark. I looked through some reviews and I found all 5 stars from people who bought it except for one, and he said the accuracy was way off. And the comment under that again said it was very accurate. Better than average for an automatic in this price class. Another comment was about it feels very good on the arm, it seems very well put together.

The specifications here is, 23 Jewel Automatic Self Winding Movement and it has Stainless Steel Case with Green Fabric Strap. its got a day/date display and luminous hands and markers. The case diameter is 42 mm and the thickness is 12mm, and it is water-resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet.

This is a good looking watch, and all the reviews I’ve seen on this said they would recommend it.

This is a good and safe buy. It also comes in Black, Blue, and beige

Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch.

Seiko 5

This is a Seiko 5 sport automatic dive watch. This watch is beautiful with the black and gold color. Reviews I have seen is mainly a good thing. Most comments on this watch were about how high quality this is for an automatic watch at this low price range. It is luminous so you can easily see it in the dark. There is no battery, and you make it work with your movements when you use it.

Bad comments on this say, it is not as accurate as a quartz. Automatic watches usually move a little fast. If you don’t use it for 40 hours it falls behind. It is a little heavy. And even tho it is a dive watch, you can’t dive with it, comments say you can’t swim with it, but if you get water on it, when you wash your hands, that is ok. Seiko says, you can swim with it but not dive.

But even tho a lot of people say they watch stop to fast if you don’t wear it, they say it is still a good buy for that price.

The specifications are, 23 jewel Japanese automatic, it is made of stainless steel and luminous hands and hour markers. It is water-resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet. Even tho it is a dive watch, it is not suitable for diving but you can swim or snorkel with it.

This is a high-quality watch for the price range and very good looking watch for everyday use.


This is one of my favorite watch brand and now that we have covered Seiko’s history, and answered the question “what is Seiko 5”. And reviewed a couple of watches, I hope you can see what a great brand Seiko is. and you can feel satisfied that this is safe to buy. I only reviewed two of my favorite watches from Seiko, but there are many more good looking, high-quality watches to look at. Even tho Seiko has a reputation for making quality watches, everyone has a few bad eggs in their stock, so always remember to go through comments from other customers before buying, chances are that you will feel the same way about the watch as the majority of the costumers.

I hope you got the answers to your questions here, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment if you see any mistakes or have any questions, or if you just want to. More reviews will come soon, so come back and visit me again if you like. Have a nice day.

18 comments on “What is Seiko 5?

  1. Hi there;

    Even though many people today don’t wear watches because they have a mobile phone to give them the time, I am in the group that feels they are still useful and make an elegant accessory for wearing. I feel like my outfit is complete when I put on a watch. Perhaps it’s the way I grew up. Lol

    I found the history behind the Seiko brand interesting. It’s a great story of one person perfecting their product so that it would last and fill a market need.

    I also found the meaning of the Seiko 5 being the five attributes interesting because I assumed the 5 meant a fifth version. Also, could you explain what “recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position” means? I didn’t understand that part.

    You’ve highlighted some nice options here with Christmas gift-giving coming up. I’ll bookmark the post.

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Recessed Crown at the 4 o’clock means that the nob you set the time with is down at the 4 o’clock mark, it is usually at 3 o’clock. They put the crown at 4 to prevent it to dig in to the wrist, and the crown is a little more protected.

      And thank you for your question, it made me realize both watches i reviewed did not have that, and that led to find out they are still Seiko 5 but some of the 5 points was different, it is updated now thanks to you. If you come back for Christmas i will have reviews on a lot more watches for you. and if you dont know what type of watch you want, maybe this https://watchclicks.com/wrist-watches-for-men-different-watches-for-different-needs/ can help. thank you.

  2. I really learned a lot from this post and I thank you for researching and putting all this information together in this post for readers. I have been a fan of Seiko watches for years and always had very good luck with them. They look sharp, are timeless (no pun intended) and are not that expensive. Good value for the money.

    The Seiko5 explanation and background, in general, has made me a better-informed shopper now, and I can trade a few stories about these watches at our next friend’s get together that we have every once in a while. Always good to come armed for a conversation that is interesting and useful too.

    Now that I know the “5” represents five focus’ for their latest series, it all makes perfect sense. They are ensuring that they are addressing what the customers care about most in their design and build. I do think that they will have a lot of luck with this line, they look great.

    Are the new items priced in the same ballpark as some of the older models that have been introduced over the years? I do not mind paying a bit more for quality in any case, so as long as they have not raised the prices too much, I am in. Thanks for the post! Good information!  

    1. They can cost anything from $70 to $2000. the ones i reviewed here is the FIeld watch is around $120 and the Dive watch is around $160. More expensive does not always mean better. some times its just made from more expensive material or have some extra features, that dont matter if its badly put together. i always think the more money you plan to spend on something the more research you should do. If you ever want me to review something i dont have already, just let me know and i will help you out. Thank you.  

  3.  awesome website. It’s a very creative build.  you really did stick with one main topic. I had no idea what a Seiko 5 was. It’s actually a watch name. I learned something new.  I like the watch when you turn the watch around you could actually see the gears in play, its really cool. As I was reading the more interested I was in to buy the watch. Awesome job. I also like how you found a sport like watch and a classic, very professional watch.  I enjoyed both, but I really like the sport version of the watch mainly because  you can see how the watch works with the gears rotating as each second passes. 

    1. Thank you. i believe you would like a skeleton watch the most. Some reviews on that is coming soon, so come back if your interested 🙂 or i have 1 for women in the fossil post, but dont buy that one, its fragile but pretty 🙂

  4. I have never heard of Seiko before!  This was a very informative article!  Thank you for putting in the time to fully research these watches.  It’s good to know about the few ‘bad eggs’ as you mention.  I’ll keep that in mind and know that it is important to read customer reviews.  This would make a great gift for my husband!  Thank you again!!  Cheers! 

  5. I really enjoyed the history of Seiko watches. Didn’t realize it was that old and that the owner was so young when he started the business. I also wear Seiko watches because of their style and reputation. They are great watches, put together very well and are very accurate. I personally own 3 and never had a problem with them. The price is also great for the quality you are getting, and I am just comparing other watch makers.

  6. So lately I have been on a “your older and need to dress like your age” binge. I have been updating my wardrobe and I am starting to look at accessories, especially watches. I have a Garmin smart watch which is great and does the things I need for activity; but for style I lack a nice watch. I really like the Seiko 5 watch and the price is in my range. Thanks for the information. I have already sent the link to my wife for my birthday gift! 

  7. Hi Simon, 

    I really enjoyed your article on what is Seiko 5. I have had my Seiko watch now for more than 15 years. I am on the third battery (they seem to last about 5 years) and apart from that it has kept perfect time always. It was nice to read about the history of the brand as I did not know any of this. Thank you Simon, Regards, Andrew.

  8. As a big fan of Japan, I’m happy I found this post on a famous Japanese watch brand. I actually didn’t know anything about the history of Seiko, thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’m used to expecting quality from Japanese brands, and Hattori’s ideals about perfection and great quality are very Japanese indeed.

    I like kind of large watches, not very feminine. The shape and size of the Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch is appealing to me. But I do like watches with bright colors. Purple or pink. Does Seiko have any colorful watches?

    1. That is a Diver style watch, I have been looking for diver watches for ladies before, and it is hard to find any quality watches. Seiko has a few dive watches for ladies but most are not big and not colorful, they look more like fancy jewelry. the closest I could think of that you might like is a Seiko Chronograph you can check that out if you like.

      You can also check out Citizen, they are the second biggest watch brand in japan.

      Hope this was helpful

  9. This is a very good post here on the history of this wristwatch. I really like the way you have given the details on this wristwatch. I must say that it is really nice that you can also give some of the best typr of watches from the brand. Is it possible to get some of the very first types from seiko?

  10. Wow, making out five awesome attributes onto a wristwatch is a very good thing for Seiko to do. I must say that I am very impressed with the types of wristwatches that are available on this collection here. A friend of mine is a very big fan of the Seiko watches. I would buy the military watch for him if the price is moderate enough. I am also a big fan of watches too and one thing I am always on the look out for us water resistance because of the work I’m into. Thanks!

  11. Wow it looks like Seiko pinpointed perfectly what was needed in Seiko 5 collection. It’s good to know that there is a standard when it comes to these collections as it can help our decision on buying. For me I appreciate am automatic winding watch that is also water resistant and is both durable and sleek. The classic military look in the Seiko 5 SPORTS Analog Dress Automatic Watch is outstanding. I agree that it is a good looking watch and with lots of functionality to boot. I’ll definitely be saving your post for when it’s soon time for a new watch. Great post and keep up the good work!

  12. Seiko is a very durable watch, I’ve read about two to three articles about their watched and since then, I’ve been convinced that they make really nice and quality based watches that are durable for different purposes. I really like that mind of determination of Hattori and it has made him achieve his dream. I like Seiko 5 sport watch, it’s very durable and whenever reviews tells a lot about a product in a good way, it’s safe to go for it, because people always feel free to comment about what they paid for. Thanks.

  13. Hi, Simon.
    I have seen my father wearing Seiko from my childhood and can relate the value of experience Mr K. Hattori offered to the community. Seiko has always been the pride for us.
    Your description on the history of Seiko made me more informative and I can boast my knowledge in the family now. Thanks for the great article.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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