Wrist watches for men – Different watches for different need’s

I want to talk about Wrist Watches For Men and how useful a watch can be. there are many different types of watches and I don’t mean different as in digital and mechanical, but for many different needs. For example, there are watches for diving, for hunting, for workouts, for jewelry, or just telling time..


The right watch can do many things for you, it can sound an alarm to remind you of taking your meds, some have a compass, or count steps, etc..

So I will go more into detail about the different wrist watches for men, of course, women can use this info to, but I will talk more specifically about the ones designed for men.

Let’s Dive In

A dive watch is used to keep track of minutes you are underwater. Its is a lot of exciting things down there and you might not remember when you started your dive. There are different times a diver is allowed to stay at a specified depth. And they must stay above the surface for a specific time between dive’s. And more…

I don’t know who invented the dive watch, but it was Rolex that made the dive watch very popular. Rolex who bought the patent for the Oyster watch case, featuring a hermetic seal in 1926.

The Bezel, is a ring with minute markings on, that you can turn. It is usually marked 0-10-20etc in big number so it’s easier to see underwater. You Turn the 0 mark to the minute hand, and then you can easily see how long you have been underwater. You can also time other things with it, like boiling eggs or other cooking things

The look of the Dive watch is very popular, it looks really good, it is some dispute out there about who made that look, but whoever it was, Thank you, it is beautiful. If u want to get one, remember that there are a lot of watches out there that looks like a dive watch, but they don’t function like one. For example, the bezel doesn’t turn and it’s not waterproof.

Wrist Watches for men
Citizen Dive Watch

Lest Hunt!

A hunting/hiking/fishing watch can usually have many cool functions. One of the functions is GPS. What is really cool about this, is that you can mark your location, so if you put up a trap camera or something, you can mark that position, so you can find your way back to that point later and it will tell you how far away it is. You can also record your hike, so it can tell you how far you have gone, how high you have climbed, what your average speed and your current speed is. If you want you can look up different tracks you have recorded before and follow the same track again.

They also have an altimeter that track’s your vertical movement, and they have a barometer that tells the trend in air pressure. It can tell you the sunset and sunrise times, and a compass and they have step count, some even have a flashlight, which can come in handy if you lost your flashlight in the dark.

These types of watches usually looks big and solid. They are very durable. It looks good on people that have an outdoorsy look. I would not recommend a linen strap on these due to they get very smelly after a hike, but you can change them pretty easy with the right tools.

Wrist watches for men
Suunto Traverse Alpha

Let’s Work Out!

A fitness watch can be an excellent tool to keep in shape. They have a heart rate sensor. They have swim mode in which you can get info like, workout duration, you can see the distance, you can see calories burned, and you can see your heart rate.

For jogging and cycling you can get, a google map overlay, that uses your GPS location. So you can see the route you have traveled. you also get a work out summary. That tells you things like duration, calories, elevation, descents, distance, pace, and heart rate. Some also have a sleep mode, so it can tell you if you have had a good night sleep. A lot of them also have some smartwatch features, like u can play music. Most of them are waterproof for 50m.

Of the designs on these, some look like a smartwatch and some look more like a wrist band. I like the band looks better, but everyone has their own taste. But looks are not what you should think too much about when you want a fitness watch, how it works is a lot more important in this case.

Wrist watches for men
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Suit Up!

A dress watch is usually very simple watches they don’t do much more than tell time, they are just an accessory for when you are wearing a suit. So with a watch, you want to match the formality of your outfit, with the formality of your watch.

So if you are at a black-tie event, on that level of formality, you should only wear a dress watch or nothing at all. But if you are wearing a business suit you could wear both a dress watch or a dive watch.

A dress watch is not the same as a luxury watch even tho they can both be very expensive, a luxury watch is more Bling for a lack of a better word, and some can be just pure art, like, I would never wear one but I would love to display one. Dress watch is all about simplicity, it should not stand out when you wear it, it should match your suit and kinda blend in as a part of the outfit.

Wrist watches for men
Olevs Retro Dress Watch


So now, we have covered Dive watch, Hiking/Hunting/fishing watch, Fitness watch, and a dress watch. As you see they have many functions for different uses. They also have their own styles that match different outfits. So if you want to look your best, get one that matches your personal style, and needs.

There are still more styles of wristwatches for men out there that I will cover another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and have a good day.

27 comments on “Wrist watches for men – Different watches for different need’s

  1. Hi Simon,
    I like how in depth you go about the various watch types!
    I am not an experienced swimmer so I don’t think I would need a dive watch. However, I love the sound of that hiking watch. The amount of features it packs is pretty incredible – like a multi-tool device!
    Working out is one of my passions so that watch is probably the one I would want first.

    Thank you for your insights on these!

  2. I love the look of the dive watch, and the GPS function of the hiking watch is really cool.  The dress up model would look great with a suit.  I love that you go into such great explanation of each of these watches.  I love a good pocket watch as well.  My favorite accessory is a watch followed by a pocket square, then a nice pair of cuff links.  Thanks again for this post.


  3. If there’s any watch I’m attracted to at the moment it will be the fitness watch. It one I haven’t seen before and it’s going to make my workout timing perfect, as its definitely going to help track my goals and your progress, psychologically encouraging me to walk more steps than I did yesterday. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. Hi Simon,

    You have done a wonderful job compiling a list of watches for different needs.

    Your article comes in at a perfect time. I am thinking of buying a new watch. My work requires me to wear a business suite or professional attire at all times. And I think the dress watch and dive watch are the two options I need to choose from. After reading your article I feel more inclined towards the dress watch which I think works out to be a better option. What your say on this?

    1. It depends on if you want to be very flashy or not. Dive watches are usually big and shiny jewelry, and is a bit show off. dress watch are very simple clean looking and should just blend in and be a part of your outfit, and not stand out. when wearing a suit, i prefer a dress watch. so the dress watch is more elegant. and diver watch is more flashy. hope this helped 🙂

  5. Now that you mentioned it, I have just realized that there are many types of watches for different use. Love the fun fact that Rolex made the diver watch popular! I only know them for their classic because my dad loves them so much. I have seen the hunter’s watch before, they usually have the compass on the top and very durable. I was just wondering how would the fisherman’s watch look like and what kind of functionality do they have. I am looking for one because my husband loves fishing. 

    Thanks for an awesome post. Cannot wait to read more post on watches that you will cover next 🙂

    1. the fisher watch is the same as hunter watch. for fishing the main functions are the GPS and if you set nets and traps you can mark the location. and they must be water proof and be able to take a beating. and get a wrist band that is easy to clean, like a rubber band, because of the fish gut and stuff.

  6. Wow, this is a very good post and I didn’t know that there were different types of watches. I didn’t even think that there was anything like a diving and a hiking wristwatch and I think it’s really cool. I am a very big lover of wristwatch and that’s why I’m glad I saw this. So I’d like to ask, are all smart watches good for workouts since they all calculate heart rate.

    1. no not all, i have seen some reviews on some that is not as water proof as advertised, and the heart rate monitor is not always accurate. so be sure to look for multiple reviews before buying one, specially look at reviews that you can see that they have the product them self and have been using it at least a couple of weeks or more. and its usually the more a watch cost the better the heart rate monitor is, usually, not always tho.

  7. For what is worth, I love the depth at which you explained each of the watches from and the various types and the various features that made each of them great. I like the various differences that made each watch different and the occasion that each of them can be used for. Most people don’t know which watch to use for when and the occasion they just buy a watch and use it for all occasions. Thanks for thi. I only have the one for fitness

  8. Hi Simon

    As a wristwatch is used everyday of your life, you need it to be accurate, reliable, comfortable, shock proof, and to look good. If a watch can do all these things I am happy. It looks like the suggestions you make matches this brief. I personally like the suit watch, as it matches the kind of watch I normally wear. I like the old fashion analogue type watches, as it looks smart.

    Of all three watches you recommend, which is the most accurate timekeeper?



    1. This is not a review it is just random pictures of the type of watches i talked about. for a very accurate watch i would go for a quartz, if you want a mechanical, i would go for over 21 jeweled. but mechanical is more expensive if you want great quality. a dress watch is not a made to be very durable. if you want something that can take a beating of every day use, i would maybe go for a diver watch or hunter watch that have analog face. to fit all your criteria i would recommend Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver. this is so hard to break the company ran over it with a tank to test it. it is a quartz. analog face, and comfortable. its made by the same people that made the iconic red swiss army knife. im planning on writing a review on this within a week.

  9. Hi! Thank you very much for explaining these differences. I had been a bit confused between a dive watch and a dress watch. And my concussion was due to the fact that they can both be used with a business suit.

    I have a black tie event coming up and I thought my dive watch could do, but when it comes to these very formal occasions, I have just discovered in your post, that the ideal is a dress watch. Thank you!

  10. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing post. There are so many brands of watch in the market and surprisingly the the competition haven’t been an easy one as there have been various watches coming up on a daily. I have been a victim of getting some bad watches which I regret spending such amounts on, and looking at these watches, I’m quite confused on which I’ll call the best. Although I have a watch I’m using now, if I’m to get a new one, I’ll go with any one of these suggested watches

    1. when getting a new one, remember to look at multiple reviews of the one you want, and always read through comments of other costumers on the store, there will always be a few bad comments there but, most are just unlucky then. chances are that you will be just as happy as the majority of the costumers, and dont buy without a good warranty.

  11. Wow, you have really given so much awesome analysis on some very good wrist watches here. It’s awesome to learn new stuff and also to see what this watches are used for. I would really like to get a luxury wristwatch for myself but as it is luxury, they’re usually expensive j get. Many watches for different needs. Nice one you put together here.

  12. Omg! This is just the thing I need to see. Buying a watch for my hubby is the HARDEST thing. He wants it to have all these crazy features but still look stylish on his arm. I think the Dive watch is similar to what he likes. Do you have a guide of the best Dive watches for men? His birthday is in December but I want to start planning for it now.

  13. It’s not so long ago when I was thinking that I need a watch, it’s been over a year since I had my last one and frankly never really thought over what type of watch I really want, whether its a suits watch, a hunting watch or a sports watch I just buy it if I like the way it looks lol. Here I have really fallen in love with the gym watch, I like the greenish and grey color and think I’ll need one that looks like that. Hopefully the shipping costs won’t be so discouraging since I always find items on Amazon being shipped for a price that is 3 or 2 times more than the price of the item. Thanks a lot.

  14. Wow, I really like how you’ve explained the different types of watch according to their use and it’s really nice to know that wristwatches can be this useful. I do go hiking with my friends once in a while and I think getting one wristwatch specifically for this purpose won’t be a bad idea. I can’t go out without my wristwatch, I always feel like a part of me is missing, I so much love it. Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative post.

  15. I have always loved wristwatches, there are so many elegant designs and displays, I prefer the analogue wristwatches for this reason, they just seem so classy and sophisticated, however, as you have pointed out so thoroughly in this post, it does depend on what you’re looking for in a wristwatch and with the latest fitness tracker watches and of course the multiple other features available these days it comes down to more than just the look of the watch but also the practicality and with Christmas fast approaching, your post here will give a lot of people some good gift ideas, thanks for sharing.    

  16. Thanks for sharing this article and reviews, I have been looking for a new watch for a while and this gave me some good choices to pick of. I liked the way you went about various types of watches. This hiking watch sounds pretty good pick but I guess I would like to have a water-resistant watch for my purposes. However, thanks for sharing this.

  17. Even though many people just use their mobile to tell time, I still love the look of a watch. I’ve heard of all the different uses of wrist watches for men you mention here, except I hadn’t heard of watches suited to hunting and outdoors.

    The wrist watch for hunting and outdoors is the perfect Christmas gift idea for my brother. He’s an avid hunter and spends a lot of time outside, in all seasons. He’ll love a watch like that.

    Thanks for the great ideas and details,
    Stella 🙂

  18. Hey i like the fitness watch and that it can actually check your heart rate is a bonus for many like myself that love to workout.

    The Rolex for me is most peoples favourite watches and it is in a class of its own.

    i like your site that looks clean need and tidy on point to detail and with descriptions.

    I just wondered if you maybe could put in some affiliate offers on the mentioned items?

    1. I also do reviews on this site with links. This post was just about finding the kind you need. The pictures here is just to show what a typical style of the different types look like.

  19. I love how informative and detailed you are on this breakdown of different wrist watches, great article!

    My boyfriend is very big on working out and diving so I will have to look into both of these for him. Great idea for birthday/christmas presents 🙂

    Thanks for all the info!

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