Wrist watched for men

Wrist Watches For Men-Part 2- Different Watches For Different Need’s

This is my second post about different types of wrist watches for men. In my first post I talked about, dive watches, Hunting Watches, Fitness Watches, And Dress Watches.

In this post I will talk about Pilot/Aviator Watches, Racing Watches, Smart Watches, And Field Watches.

(This is not a review on the watches I have pictures of, they are only here to show what the types look like.)

Let’s Fly.

Wrist watches for men

This is a Pilot/Aviator watch, and as you can see in the picture, it is a lot going on there. When you hear pilot watch you probably picture something more simple looking, just black face with big white letters, and those that look like that is more retro and was made for fighter pilots. This one in the picture is a more modern version, for commercial pilots. But I will get more into all that.

Let’s start with a brief history of the pilot watch, this will help make more sense of everything in the watch face there.

The very first pilot watch was made not long after the Wright brothers made the first functional airplane, but it was a slow development from there and until the second world war, most pilots up until then usually just used a field watch with big numbers. During the war the Germans developed a new pilot watch, it was very big, case diameter was 55millimeter, it had a black face with big white numbers, and luminescent hands so it should be very easy to see.

It has evolved a lot sins then, and with more functions for a commercial pilot. And we will get into them now!

The first thing we will look at here is the Rotary Slide Rule Bezel. This thing is very complicated, but if you learn to use it, it can be very helpful. In very short description, it is a fancy scientific calculator, this bezel is basically 2 rings with number on, you can turn the bezel on the outside to do math, but that’s not all, it also has compass markings on it, but it is not a compass so I guess you need a map to use them, there are also marks on the bezel that say kilos/liters/fuel lbs/kilometer, and many more, you can use this to calculate for example how many miles is 20 kilometers and gallons to liters and so on.

There is also a tachymeter which is meant to be used together with the chronometer and so, of course, it has a chronometer as well, a chronometer is those three small watches inside the face of your watch, one counts seconds, and one count minutes, and one is an alarm. you can start and stop them at will.

So that it for the pilot/aviator watch. The most popular design is the simple one with just a black face and big white numbers, But the other one has many functions that can be very helpful if you bother to learn how to use it.

Let’s Race!

wrist watches for men

The racing watch came to us in 1902(i think) and (i think) Rolex was the one that started it,(i say * I think* here because in my research I found a few different histories, but I found this version most often.) It started with a race on a beach in Daytona in Florida. A racer broke the land speed record there 4 times and he was wearing a Rolex Oyster. Rolex used this fact to create the Rolex Daytona which is one the most iconic race watches today.

What defines a race watch? A racing watch has a chronometer and a tachymeter, which I mentioned in the pilot watch. Unlike field and diver and pilot watches, this does not have a military origin, so they could go a little more crazy with color and styles.

As you can see in the picture above, this watch has a Ferrari logo and the chronometer look like the dashboard in a car, the band looks like a tire, it has a stripe on the band, stripes are very common on race watches, it makes them look fast in a way, just like stripes on a racing car makes it look fast as well. This is just an example of what a typical race watch looks like.

If you like to wear a lot of colors, a race watch might be for you, the looks on race watches can vary a lot, so it can be easier than other types to find one that can match your outfit if you wear a lot of colors.


wrist watches for men

As you all know a smartwatch is basically a small computer in a watch case.

Most of the stuff you can do on a smartwatch, you can also do on a smartphone. I think the only thing a smartwatch has that a normal smartphone don’t, is a heart rate monitor. So why would you get a smartwatch when you have a smartphone?

There are a few small reasons. For example the watch is a lot smaller than a phone and it is stuck on your wrist all the time, and this can make a few functions more comfortable than on a phone, you can listen to music from your watch, and when you want to change songs or something you don’t need to take your phone up every time, you can also call and text with it when connected to your phone so again you don’t need to take out your phone to see who is calling or what a text says, The GPS is also more comfortable to use. When I walk around in a city and try to find something I feel a little silly walking around, holding my phone up in front of me and try to follow it without walking in to stuff in the way, so a small watch is easier to use, you can walk around taking small peeks at your watch every now and then. you can also change to look of the face on the watch which I think is pretty cool.

The heart rate monitor is usually not very accurate on smartwatches, you need more of a professional fitness watch for that, but it can still be helpful in some cases.

Why I would never buy a smartwatch!

I consider my self as a watch enthusiast, and when I buy watches I want great quality watches that can last a lifetime, a smartwatch will go out-of-date just as fast as a smartphone, and so you would keep buying new ones to have the latest tech inside and when a smartwatch gets a little older it will become slower and the value will go way down, so if I bought 2 watches for maybe $500 one of them was a smartwatch. If I tried to sell them again after 2-3 years the smartwatch would be almost worthless while the other watch could still be almost as valuable as when it was new.

Field watch!

wrist watches for men

The field watch was invented during the first world war, and it is also the first wristwatch.

When the military was in the field it would some times take to long to look at a pocket watch, so the military put a band on the pocket watch and wore it on their wrist. They soon evolved to become smaller than a pocket watch so it would be more comfortable and way more shock resistant and waterproof. And later they could push the crown on the watch to synchronize them easily.

The field watch spread to the common people and that was the death of the pocket watch. The filed watch today don’t really have any special functions. Some of them can come with a chronometer, but they are most known for being pretty solid and are maybe the most popular style for everyday use.


I hope this has helped you to figure out what kind of watch that might suit your style or needs the best. If you haven’t read part one yet, you can CLICK HERE. to read it.

Please leave a comment below, so I can know what your thoughts are and to maybe improve the article.

Have a nice day!